Generic / Site Specific Traffic Management Plan Checklist

 Can I use a generic plan or do I require a site-specific plan?

The amount of details and information to be provided in a TMP can vary depending upon the nature and complexity of the project.  For routine/repetitive type works such as minor pavement maintenance, a generic TMP may be appropriate. 

The below checklist has been developed to assist in determining the need for the traffic management setup to be generic or site specific. However, those implementing the plan need to be very aware of the scope of situations covered by the plan. 

Where a TMP is to be used on more than one occasion or at a number of generic locations, continuous improvement must be considered. This will ensure the quality of traffic management is maintained or improved where required. The process should include debrief meetings to discuss any issues or risks associated with the plan. TMP’s must be kept up to date taking into account changes in; traffic volumes, vehicle types, the road environment, work practices, legislation and/or standards. As a minimum, TMPs should be reviewed at least once in any 12 month period.

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This Code of Practice (herein after referred to as the ‘Code’) describes the Main Roads Western Australia’s (MRWA) requirements for managing traffic at work sites on roads.  It requires traffic management for works on roads to be based on AS1742.3-2019 AGTTM Manual of uniform traffic control devices Part 3: Traffic control for works on roads, unless otherwise specified by a requirement in this Code.  In the event that there is a conflict between this Code and AS1742.3-2019 AGTTM, the Code shall take precedence.   

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List of companies registered to work on State controlled roads

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