How to become a Traffic Controller

Qualified Traffic Controllers are in high demand

across Western Australia and many of our clients have positions with immediate starts AVAILABLE NOW on a variety of worksites in regional WA and across Perth, both North and South of the River as well as in the CBD.

A career in Traffic management services offers employment opportunities in a diverse range of industries throughout WA and can provide attractive remuneration, as well as job satisfaction.

With our training and recommendation you could be job ready in just 3 days!

Understanding what course is right for you...

Basic Worksite Traffic Management (BWTM) - this accreditation allows a person to implement a traffic management plan & handle traffic management signs, cones & other relevant devices. They cannot control traffic with a stop/slow bat.

**No driver’s licence required for this accreditation on its own.

Traffic Controller (TC) – This accreditation allows a person to control traffic with a stop/ slow bat, but they cannot touch traffic management signs and cones.

**Must have driver’s licence.

To work in the traffic management industry as a traffic controller you must hold both the above accreditations – BWTM and TC. So, when enrolling, select the BWTM/TC course.



Students are required to have the following three things:

1 . Driver’s licence – a person must hold or have held in the past (documentary evidence required.) Even a suspended licence is acceptable. - minimum of probationary. Learners is not accepted.

2. U.S.I number – Unique Student Identifier number. This can be created or found at 


3. Construction Induction (White) Card – we also offer this course in conjunction with our traffic management courses (learn more).


How to Enrol

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